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---------------[You Tube] Power Carver Wood Carving Tool HANDCRAFT HCT-30A
---------------[You Tube] Power Carver Wood Carving Tool HANDCRAFT HCT-30S (Reciprocation Head and Rotary Head)

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Tokyo Automach Home Page
   The Tokyo Automach Co., Ltd., who developed the ultra-reciprocation type wood carver the first in the world which has been a favorite tool for many sculptors worldwide ever since, is a top shareholder in the field and has numerous patents.
   The Automach Co., Ltd. is a creative and inventive enterprise, trying not only to develop various products applying all these technologies but also to develop products such as Clean Wise, with which we are able to contribute in heiping vulnerables in the society.(Power Carving.Electric Wood Carver.Wood Carving.) Power carver.Power Carving.Electric Wood Carver.Wood Carving. BONSAI Power Carver.BONSAI Power Carving. BONSAI Carver.BONSAI Carving.
Electric Wood Carver for BONSAI Electric Wood Carver
Crafting with the Electric Wood Carver
Crafting with
Wood Carver
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Variety of Wood Carvers and Carving Blades are ranked as No. 1 in the world!
Electric PeelerAElectric FileAFinger Sander
Sander Electric File Electric Peeler
Wood carving cutters, carving blades, tools, files, ultra-hard bars
Carving Blades Rotary Cutters
  • Wood carving cutters (72 varieties)
  • Files, sand-papers
  • Diamond hand files
  • Bighorn cutters (for BONSAI)
  • Various rotary cutters
  • Diamond punch holes

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